GHD Platinum Repairs Blog


Welcome to the ghd platinum repairs blog where we will bring you. All the latest details and articles on everything to do with ghd platinum repairs. Common Faults such as Flashing LED, Constant Beeping, Flashing Light and the so called 'Red Ring of Death'.

Common Faults With the ghd platinum

  • Flashing LED with No Heat
  • Constant Beeping Error
  • Red LED Ring Constantly on
  • Red Ring of Death
  • Overheating
  • No Heating Up Enough
  • No Power
  • One Plate not Heating Up

Thankfully all of these common faults can now be repaired. See the main part of the site for a repair solution. Visit back to this page on a regular basis as we will be updating all the ghd platinum faults that can now be resolved. Currently the ghd platinum model S8T261 is repairable - we are not aware of a current solution to repair the platinum+ (plus) S8T262. However, this may change over time so please check back if you have this model.

How long is the warranty on a ghd?

The earlier ghd models such as the IV and V models had a 12 months warranty, the ghd platinum has a 24 month warranty.

Do the ghd company repair out of warranty ghd's?

We are not aware that the ghd company offer an out of warranty repair service, they will quite often offer a deal on a new ghd if you contact them, however we are only aware of independent ghd repair service companies offering an out of warranty repair service. We recommend checking with ghd if your ghd is in or out of warranty and if they offer a repair service. If not you can use an independent ghd repair company who can offer such a service. Please note  not all companies offer a ghd platinum repair service so check before you send these.